The words sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly living are phrases you have undoubtedly seen and heard from many brands. But what does this really mean and what are businesses actually doing to stay truthful to these words?

The team at Trendy Street Jewelry have always believed in full transparency when it comes to sharing how we stay true to our commitment of producing sustainable and ethical jewellery. We hope that in giving you this insight you will discover and learn about how we work towards environmental protection and sustainability. Our team will undoubtedly continue to better our practices and improve our climate impact.




We source our stainless-steel findings from Australia and China as they have the most experience and knowledge in sustainably producing stainless steel. Our materials are never wasted, and we ensure that it is either recycled in another production run or reused for sample production until it is finally purchased. This method of recycling minimises excessive wastage and ensures that materials are used to their greatest capacity. 

80% of our stainless steel is sourced from within Australia to minimise travel emissions and the remainder is sourced ethically from China. We use glass crystals instead of diamonds unless they are proven to be ethically mined or lab made. 


We are proud to integrate eco-friendly packaging across all our shipping goods so it as effective as it is kind to the environment. To package your jewels, we may use a combination of cardboard gift boxes, biodegradable protective wrap packaging and compostable satchels. 

We use cardboard gift boxes as they are durable, biodegradable, and great for reusability.  Our biodegradable protective wrap packaging is a biodegradable plastic sleeve alternative that steers clear of harmful plastic polymer film and prevents excessive landfill and toxic waste.

Our compostable postage satchel are 100% biodegradable, compostable and represents a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions in manufacturing when compared to traditional plastic.

Commitment to ethical manufacturing means that our products are only produced in small batches.


All of our deliveries offset greenhouse gas emissions by opting for carbon neutral shipping and contributes to investments in climate protection projects. We recycle all the packaging we receive and try to reuse as much of it as possible when sending our own packages to suppliers and wholesalers. 


Trendy Street Jewelry aspires to give you mindful jewellery pieces that will positively contribute to your sustainable wardrobe. We hope that in utilising sustainable packaging and choosing a more environmentally aware pathway for production, you will feel like you are part of our journey in achieving social and environmental responsible. 


As consumers, our team at trendy Street Jewelry have always made a conscious effort to shop from eco-friendly, ethical and climate aware businesses to best reduce our carbon footprint and encourage sustainable living. This dedication to reducing our environmental impact has translated into Trendy Street Jewelry, Jewellery's actions towards reducing waste and consuming mindfully.


When deciding on a supplier for our jewellery collections we knew that we had to find someone that had the same ethos and values as we did. We spent many months searching for an ethical manufacturer that we could confidently work with. Discovered in the home of jewellery production, our manufacturers are based in Australia and China, and we are proud to say that 100% of our staff are women.

We would love to know your thoughts, ideas and suggestions about sustainability at Trendy Street Jewelry!

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