Your Trendy street jewellery products are stainless steel and hypo allergenic. Stainless steel is durable and resists corrosion and oxidation. Your jewellery will not rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green, even when worn daily.

Here are some tips on how to care for your new jewellery to help keep them shiny and bright for a long, happy life!

Tarnish Resistant & Skin Friendly
As indicated, Trendy Street Jewelry was created to provide high-quality jewellery that was safe and suitable for all skin types. We wanted to ensure that you would never have to deal with irritated or green skin from jewellery ever again!
Made to last, each piece of Trendy Street Jewelry is made with tarnish resistant materials. We pride ourselves in creating long-lasting original jewellery pieces. With proper care and love, all Trendy Street jewels will last you for many years to come.

Stainless steel offers some of the best value for money available when it comes to jewellery findings, due to its strength, durability, and versatility. It is highly resistant to many issues that affect other base (or even precious) metals, such as tarnish and corrosion, and will last a lifetime if cared for (sometimes even if not!) The increasing popularity of stainless-steel jewellery means that the range of findings available is getting bigger and more diverse day by day.

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Our collections are made with stainless steel materials from Australia and China where steel is plentiful and can be ethically and sustainably sourced.  

- Stainless Steel is safe to wear in the water
- To maintain shine, regularly use a soft cloth to wipe away dirt, sweat, chemicals etc. 
- Avoid exposing your jewellery to skin care products, soaps, detergents, and perfumes. These acidic and harsh ingredients may affect the wear of your jewellery. 
- We recommend removing your jewellery before doing high impact physical exercise and entering salt or chlorinated water.
- Store your jewellery in your Trendy Street Jewelry box to avoid moisture and metal on metal rubbing.

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We use glass crystal rhinestones at Trendy Street Jewelry. 
Each is ethically sourced from accredited suppliers, and we will always ensure that our suppliers provide us with the relevant certifications for our crystals. 

- Crystals are not suitable to be worn in water.
- To avoid your crystals falling out from your jewellery, we recommend removing your jewellery when doing physical activities.
- Keep your crystals away from skincare, detergents and perfumes to avoid losing their fixtures.
- To clean glass crystals, lightly wipe them down with a clean cloth
- Store your jewellery in your Trendy Street Jewelry box to avoid moisture and metal on metal rubbing. 

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