Wondering how things are working for Trendy Street Jewelry during the Covid-19 pandemic? Here's the rundown.

(TLDR: orders are being sent as normal, but there are delivery delays in Australia and international shipping is problematic. We can send gifts directly for you. We're taking extra precautions for safety. And we truly, madly and deeply appreciate your support!)

Trendy Street Jewelry orders are finished and packed in our small workshop and office in Adelaide, South Australia.

We're a very small team. Our working and packing areas are kept clean and we're taking extra precautions as we work on finishing and packing orders for delivery to our lovely customers.

We have plenty of stock and packaging materials on hand and we're packing and shipping orders just as quickly as we would normally do (and we're being extra fast in the lead up to Christmas). Hooray!

Each weekday we make a contact free trip to Australia Post to ship our orders, including during the recent lockdown in South Australia.

Deliveries in Australia are arriving safely, however, your order is likely to take longer to arrive. In particular there may be fairly significant delays to WA.

Note that Express Post is still the fastest postal method in Australia and we recommend you upgrade during checkout if needed. However, there are also delays with Express Post compared to normal.

We ask customers to be more patient than usual and allow plenty of time for orders to arrive. We will always email you a tracking link for tracked deliveries, so look for this as a starting point if you have any concerns.

It's important to read our shipping page for specific details about Covid-19 delays in Australia. We keep our shipping page updated with the latest information regarding deliveries.

International deliveries (outside of Australia) are more problematic at this point. Every country is affected by limited international flights and varying degrees of lockdown and restrictions.

Before placing an international order please read Australia Post's international delivery advice for the current crisis, which covers many countries and is regularly updated: be sure to search the page for the name of your country. You should also check our shipping page for up to date details regarding shipping to major international destinations.

If you proceed with an international order, be aware that circumstances may change before your order arrives and tracking may be difficult. We'll do our best to assist with any substantially delayed or missing international orders, but placing an international order is currently at your own risk.

If you'd like to have gifts sent directly to friends and family because it's difficult to see them in person, we're more than happy to help you with that. In fact, we have been sending a lot of orders this way in 2020.

You can opt to include a gift card with a personal note (or just a note which we'll print for you) and even gift wrapping. We'll send orders directly to your gift recipient: receipts are never included and each piece of jewellery will come in a Trendy Street Jewelry gift box.

We also have gift vouchers available, which are a great way to give the gift of choice.


More than ever, we truly, madly and deeply appreciate your support: whether by shopping with us or sharing what we do with others.

This is a challenging time for little businesses like ours, even though we're in the fortunate position of being a long established online business. With your support, small businesses have hope of making it to the other side of this crisis and still being around when life goes back to normal. Thank you.

From our family to yours: we wish you all the very best.
Stay safe and stay well!

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