What Is Ethical Jewellery? Why YOU Should Care

You might wonder, What is ethical jewellery and why should you care?
Ethical and sustainable jewellery is consciously created with a fully traceable supply chain. What does that even mean, you ask?

Ethical jewellery is a hot debate that has come up recently and I wanted to explore what each mean and why you should switch to ethical and sustainable jewellery.

Ethical Vs. Sustainable
Ethical jewellery means transparency across the entire supply chain. It does not involve child labour, fair wages are paid, safe working conditions for all and isn't involved in conflict. 

For example, Trendy Street Jewelry employ 100% women artisans who gets paid fair wages, paid holidays, and work in a safe environment. Our jewellery is ethically made and is packed and shipped in 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

Sustainable jewellery's main focus is on the environmental impact. This includes companies who focus on things such as waste reduction, sourcing low impact materials and gemstones and recycling used materials.

At Trendy Street Jewelry, all left over scrap metal is collected for recycling. We send it off to be melted down and used again. We make jewellery in small batches and use chemicals that are safer and have a low impact to the environment. We also recycle or compost all suitable materials generated by our business.

While there is no right or wrong way, it's important that the above environmental and human related factors are taken into consideration when you purchase ethical and sustainable jewellery.

Why Should You Purchase Ethical Jewellery?
By purchasing ethical and sustainable jewellery, you can wear your pieces knowing the people who made it have been paid fairly, no child labour was used and the materials and gemstones/crystals selected are low-impact and conflict-free. Best of all, your jewellery is handled with more care and attention as the workers are happier, meaning your jewellery is of higher quality.

By switching away from mass-produced and supporting ethical and sustainable jewellery brands, you are contributing to better livelihoods and allowing for the continuing of jobs in otherwise poor & unethical working environment.

By supporting unethical & unsustainable brands, you are contributing to causes that have a large consequence on the jewellery industry, such as harmful & toxic materials, as your purchase is an indication of approval of what they stand for.

Jewellery shouldn't only be beautiful, it should also be good for our planet too We as consumers have the power to drive this just by choosing ethical and sustainable jewellery.

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