The beginning of my new jewellery Style

The beginning if my new jewelIery style started with months of research looking for fresh new material to use for making jewellery, I found Stainless Steel to be the best.

Stainless Steel is more than just a material for jewellery. It's capable of withstanding the test of time, and will only become more beautiful as it ages. Unlike Silver plated pieces, Stainless steel won't cause allergy reactions nor tarnish over time like Sterling silver does - which means you'll never need to worry about replacing your favourite necklace again! With all these benefits against other materials on the market today, why would you want anything else?!

After ordering in thousands of dollars worth of raw materials and waiting for them to arrive, I got down to work on new jewelry designs. I have lots of styles in stock and many more just waiting to be completed and listed. I'm also expecting new key rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces soon!

I'm really excited to see what you think of my new designs. I've spent hours and hours working on them, after all! You might be pleasantly surprised by the range of styles available in my store (some more experimental than others!) but feel free to contact me with any requests for something specific. As time goes on, I'll have a lot more items listed so keep an eye out if there's anything specific that catches your attention while browsing through my shop!

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