Piercings Placement Guide

Ear Piercings Placement Guide

Our Silver Stud Earrings Collection has been designed to be suitable for all different types of ear piercings you can get. From hoops to studs, these unique earrings each have their own special features which allows them to sit comfortably in a multitude of piercings placements. Learn where each earring piece is most suited in our ear piercing placement guide.

Earring Placement Guide

A tragus piercing sits on the tragus which is the tiny section of your ear cartilage that projects slightly in front of your ear canal.

Forward Helix and Conch
The forward helix piercing sits on the outer cartilage of the ear that is closest to the face. This piercing allows for the earring to be forward facing and is directly above the tragus.

The conch piercing is in the centre part of the ear when looking at the ear front on. This piercing sits on a slightly thicker part of the ear. Both hoops and studs are suitable for this placement depending on how wide your ear is. 

Upper Lobe/ Mid Helix
The upper lobe and mid helix piercing serves as middle ground for lower lobe and standard helix piercings. Essentially between where the ear lobe turns in cartilage, the skin here is in between soft flesh and structured cartilage.  

The helix piercing is technically any piercing on the upper cartilage of the ear but typically sits on the outer upper cartilage. Many people have multiple piercings on their helix which allows them to layer multiple studs or hoops to create a unique curated look.

Lobe Piercings
The classic lobe piercing sits anywhere along the ear lobe where the skin in still soft and malleable. Often the piercing that most people get, the lobe piercings typically is the fastest of the ear piercings to heal.

For lobe piercings we recommend each and every one of our earrings in our entire collection. Whether it be a hoop, stud, infinite or latch hoop or our butterfly backed earrings, the lobe is suitable for all our earrings. 

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