Our New Colour Rebrand

You may have noticed our website colours have changed. We wanted to let you in on the why.

We chose our colours because we were selling handmade jewellery that included stainless steel, crystals, Swarovski pearls and sterling silver. Our then colour palette was a great choice.

Fast forwards to today, we only sell quality handmade Stainless-Steel jewellery. We chose black, white and grey as our new colours as it resonates well with stainless steel jewellery. We also changed our Fonts. 

Here's what our website used to look like:
Old Colours

Our old home page:
Old product page

Product Page:

I won’t lie, I do love those colours but it doesn’t suit Stainless-Steel well.
We have also changed our packaging to match our colours better too.  You’ll now see your items arrive in a Black HERO envelope. Inside you’ll find a black box tied with recyclable string and a thank you card attached. Inside that black box you’ll find a gift box/Velvet bag with your item inside. I just know you’ll love opening your Trendy Street Jewelry items more now. It’s the perfect unboxing experience.

New packaging

Some of our new packaging.

Redefining a brand that so many people are close to is never easy, but we're super excited about the end result. This new set of colours, typography, and logo tie together our visual identity to give us a recognizable and memorable brand that will continue to evolve in the community.

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