October Birthstone - Pink Tourmaline

Pink quartz has become the primary birthstone of October. It is believed to enhance love, compassion, nurturing and all matters of the heart. It is also said to balance the emotions, thus giving inner peace and harmony. This precious stone can calm aggression and resentment while increasing self-esteem and self-confidence.

If you are born in the sign of Libra or Scorpio, you may consider yourself really lucky because Pink Tourmaline is such an amazing gemstone to have by your side. Opal, the alternative choice you have at your disposal, is no less attractive.

As a stone of the heart energy center, Pink Tourmaline is directly related to our emotional body. It can convey love and healing energy to our emotional world, helping us nurture and cultivate positive feelings and emotions.
Merely looking at the warm, pleasant hue of it stunning October birthstone it’s evident why pink tourmaline is believed to exude a comforting and soothing energy.

Our October birthstone features the pink tourmaline. An extraordinary crystal for healing, the tourmaline will help cleanse your mind, body and spirit of destructive and negative energies.

Real Tourmalines are used in sterling silver and gold jewellery while Glass Crystals and Rhinestones are used in Stainless Steel and Fashion Jewellery.

Check out our Glass Crystal October Birthstone Necklace Video.

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