New photo locket necklaces now available

There is now some brand new stainless steel photo lockets available in our online shop. They look like sterling silver and are silky smooth to the touch.
First is the small round locket. It's smooth and measure's 31mm x 27.5mm x 5.5mm.
Round photo locket
You can check out the locket here.

Next is a small oval photo locket. It measures 24mm x 16mm x 5mm.
Oval photo locket
See more details about the oval locket here.

 Next we have the heart shaped photo locket. It measures 29mm X 29mm X 7mm.
Smooth heart locket
See more photos of this heart locket here.

There's also a brand new round photo locket that's now available. It measure's 35.5mm x 31mm x 8mm.
Small round locket
Every photo locket necklace is finished with a smooth 12mm spring bolt clasp.
Photo lockets are the perfect heirloom keepsake gift to give.
Also includes a black gift box for easy gift giving.
I hope you like the new locket necklaces that are now available to purchase.

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