New Handmade Jewellery

I've found some amazing new pendants and charms to add to my growing collection of jewellery for sale. Here's a few of my fave piece's 
Skull necklace
This is a large skull pendant. It measures 61mm x 35mm x 16mm. It's a stunning piece that hangs on a stainless steel chain that's 5mm x 4mm x 1mm. The necklace chain can be any length you like. If the length you want isn't listed just send me a message and I'll add it in. You can buy this Skull Pendant Here.
My next fave one, which I'm sure you'll love too is the real working Compass keyring.
Never get lost again with this working compass keyring. Attach to your keys or bag so you'll never be without it. It measure 44mm x 9mm. You can get this compass keyring here.
I couldn't pass up this flying Eagle pendant.
Eagle necklace
It measures 29.5mm x 46mm x 4mm and hangs on a stainless steel chain that's 5mm x 4mm x 1mm. It's the perfect gift idea for Eagle lovers. Buy this Eagle necklace here.
My fave one yet is this...
Dope necklace
Yes! It's a dope leaf pendant necklace! It's not yet listed so keep checking back to see it.
This Cannabis Necklace is now available to purchase in my store.
There's many more to come yet. I love searching all over for different pendants and charms I think you'd like. 
What pendants and charms do you like? Tell me in the comments below.


Hi Emma!
We have some bullet pendant arriving soon so check back often!

Selena July 20, 2020

What about the bullet look a like necklace? Hubby would love one!!

Emma July 09, 2020

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