My all time favourite movies

When I need to unwind and have a break from making beautiful jewellery for you, I love watching movies. Particularly horror movies! If you read the post  Fun facts about me, you'll see I LOVE horrors.

At the top of my list is 'The walking dead'  I absolutely love that movie and own the whole set on DVD. I've watched it about 3 times now.

The walking dead

Next is 'A nightmare on elm Street' That one really gets the heart pumping! Warning: Don't watch it by yourself! You've been warned!

A nightmare on elm Street

'Halloween' is my third favourite horror movie. I've seen it more Times than I can count! 



Horror movies aren't the only one's I love watching. I also love watching 'Pretty little liar's' I have the DVD set for that too!


Pretty little liars

I can't forget about the 'Big bang theory' or Mrs Brown's boys'. My family and I love watching them all the time!

'Big bang theory'
Mrs Brown's boys

Why not comment below with the movies you love to watch. 

Well guess I'm off to watch Mrs Brown's boys for a belly full of laughs!!

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