How To Use An Extension Chain

Have you ever bought a necklace or bracelet and found it too short? Tried to guess what size to buy as a gift? Our Stainless Steel Extension Chains are the simple answer to these dilemmas, and couldn't be easier to use. 

Follow our simple steps to attach our silver extension chains to your necklace or bracelet.

Grab the necklace or bracelet you want to extend and one of our extension chains.

Necklace and extension chain
Both the necklace and extension chain.

Open up the necklace or bracelet clasp and attach the extension chain as shown in the picture below.
Necklace with ball extension chain
Attach 10mm Clasp on extension chain to the tab on the necklace.
Attach 12mm Clasp to the extension chain where you would like it.

We have more examples of use with our chain extenders below.
Necklace extenderLarge necklace extenderSilver extension chainExtension chain with necklace

Our 40mm Extender Chains allow you to extend your necklace or bracelet up to 40mm. Attach the clasp anywhere on the extender chain and you're good to go.
You can also use our silver chain extenders to layer up your necklaces using our Long extension chain.

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