12 Fun facts about me

I wanted to share some fun facts about myself so you can get to know me better.
Fact 1. Six years ago I started making jewellery in my loungeroom in SA, Australia.
Fact 2. I'm a mum to 5 wonderful children which includes a set of twins!.
Fact 3. I'm hearing impaired due to a fall when I was younger. No one can tell unless I let them know!
Fact 4. I hand stamp all initial jewellery on my website. My thumb and fingers know all about it!
Fact 5. I'm camera shy. I really hate having my picture taken!
Fact 6. I'm an animal lover. Ain't we all!
Fact 7. I love watching horror movies. The scares get the heart pumping good!
Fact 8. I'm a coffee lover. I need my coffee first thing when I wake up!
Fact 9. When I make jewellery, I make one for myself too. I need to make sure each piece wears well without irritation before selling.
Fact 10. My twins were born at 29 weeks and spent 3 months in hospital before being allowed home. They are boy/girl twins born in 2017!
Fact 11. I love camping. The early morning sunrise and fresh air is fantastic!
Fact 12. Trendy street jewellery is run by me only, I make each piece, clean and package them up ready to ship to you, my wonderful customers! I also do the hard yards behind the scenes. 
I hope you enjoyed getting to know me that little bit more.

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