Behind Our Jewellery Products

Our Process
Sustainability and ethical manufacturing means a lot to our business. We take every precaution possible to minimize our effect on the environment and reduce the negative effects of fast fashion by taking a holistic view to our jewellery making process.

Our Collection
All our collections are put together using materials sourced from small businesses here in Australia and some from China. Our suppliers are making their difference by using less plastic, recycling where possible and reducing their own carbon footprint.

Some facts about our jewellery:

Stainless Steel Findings
80% of our Stainless Steel findings come from Australia. Our Adelaide based team will then assemble by hand.

Our Packaging
Packaging is a huge contributor to environmental stress, and at Trendy Street Jewelry we place a large focus on only utilising sustainable and/or biodegradable products. Learn about our HEROPACKAGING.

Our Prices
We have always aspired to offer high quality jewellery that is affordable and accessible for every budget. That's why we will always keep our prices as low as possible to ensure that you're getting jewellery that you love, within a price range that is suitable for you.

What ‘Ethical Manufacturing’ means for us
The fashion industry is rampant with unethically, cheaply made products. Workers are paid pennies for their labour. That’s why you can often find jewellery that’s extremely cheap, usually cheaper than your cup of coffee and poorly made.
A higher price point also does not necessarily mean a more ethical product either. Major distributors and jewellery powerhouses will often buy jewellery for less than $10 (including materials AND labour) and slap a mark-up of over $200 to the price tag.

What we do differently
We are passionate about changing the way consumers view and buy jewellery. We care about what materials we use, how we produce our jewellery, and who produces our jewellery.
We are committed to producing and sourcing as ethically as we can. This means working with suppliers that pay fair wages, guarantee that no child labour is used within their factories, and who maintain a safe working environment for their staff.

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