A love letter to my twins

Dear Jack and Emily, my beautiful twins,

4 years ago you both came into the world 3 months too early. It was the scariest day of my life. I didn't get to see either of you for over 6 hours after you were born via emergency C-section. I had some complications afterwards and couldn't move my body at all. When I finally saw you both I cried. You were both so tiny and fragile with Jack weighing 880 grams and Emily 970 grams. You were just skin and bone. Kept locked in a special crib with tubes everywhere and a patch over both eyes. It was touch and go for awhile there. You both had breathing problems and every few hours you'd stop breathing. You couldn't come off the ventilator for long at all. It was heart breaking watching you both struggle. 

 We took many photo's of you guys. Here you're both 7 days old. 

Jack Lee Volz


Emily Rose Volz


You are both fighters! It took 3 months in hospital before you were well enough to come home with us!  This picture was taken 2 days before you left the hospital.


Jack & Emily

It was so exciting to finally have you both to myself without doctors and nurses everywhere. 

Since then you both have thrived and grown so much the last 4 years, it's hard to imagine you were both so tiny and fragile once.


Emily & Jack

                                                 Still very tiny at 5 months old


4 yr old twins


Happy 4th Birthday Jack and Emily! 

Love mum and dad xx


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